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in diverted from sfo and one that was sent from sof to leave from oakland and here is what they had to say. >> 14-hour flight. we couldn't land. we flied around and could not get down and something was happening. >> what did they tell you on the aircraft? >> they did not tell you much except there is some congestion. not really descriptive. it wasn't until we landed and looked on our phones and found the news ourselves. >> there were some people injured, i'm not sure, flights were canceled out of sof and diverted to oakland. >> jumbo jets were delayed about an hour or so waiting for gates and customs and there was good work. the reality is that the aircraft will have to be repositioned or the passengers will have to be repositioned because the aircraft will have to be rerouted on their routes. >> tom talk about the reconfigure ration of sfo, there are four runways, the plane was coming in for landing and the speed is 180 miles per hour and how long is the runway and the potential for skidding and a situation like this? >> reporter: the two runways, 28 left, that is the runway that paralle
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1